About Myself

When I was three years old, I was affected by the television series "Lost In Space".  I think that is where I first remember seeing robots.  Of course there were shows like "Outer Limits" that had a few robots from time to time, as well as many science fiction movies that had their share of metal friends.  Needless to say, all I wanted for my birthday and Christmas was a robot.  I remember telling my Mom that when I grew up I was going to make a robot for her that would do all her house work.  Then I would sell that robot to everyone for $.01, this way everyone could afford it.  I was still only a few years old.  Well, as it turned out, that was unrealistic , and all my to robots that I had are long gone- not one of them survived.

When I was twelve or thirteen years old, the movie "Star Wars" hit the screens.  I think this is where ALL the major psychological damage took place.  That was it.  It sealed my fate forever, and forever is a long time!  At age 20, my Mom convinced me that I wasn't too old to collect toy robots.  She had been reading articles on how much the value of some of them had become.  I agreed, many pictures were ones that I had, played with, and destroyed.

Now as an adult, I am a machinist by trade.  A realization hit me that ALL toys are created by adults.  I imagine all the actual engineering and manufacturing and creative minds that must coordinate and come together to make a "simple toy".  A toy that will probably end up at a garage sale or worse yet, a trash can as the years go by and it is no longer the favorite in the toy box.

This page is an attempt for me to catalog what I have, and to preserve images to share with others that might appreciate the art of the robot.  It is also an attempt to pull together robot fans from all walks encompassing toy robot fans, movie robot fans, and the hard-core real robotics crowd.


-More about me to be continued...

One of my first robots on the left, "Explo by Bandai".  The robot actually walked a bit, then blew itself apart.  This is one that I miss the most.  I was about 7 or 8 years old then.  My brother Steve is on the right.  On the far right is me on Christmas 2004 in Phoenix Arizona.
Below are some old pictures of my favorite dog.


There has been some confusion about "my new dog".  Well, she isn't new.  This is my tribute to Maggie that is now dead at age fifteen.  Her batteries expired.  Some of these pictures are fifteen years old.  One other thing I must clear up, I am wearing clothes in the "river" picture.  Someone made the comment that I wasn't.  I was there, and I assure you I wouldn't be undressed with friends in the room at my parent's house!

pitbull robot!

Maggie pup with my brother Steve.

My pal!

Note Maggies glowing
robot eyes.

Me and Maggie...

...after a trip to the river!

She looks so serious!

The death of a shoe!
pitbull robot!