Action Robot Invader
Year or Era:
late 1980's, early 1990's
battery powered motor
12" high

Special Comments:
I looked at the box and it had no company name, just the word "China" on it.  I think the country has cornered the plastic market!  Anyway, this is a typical robot of it's kind, except for the head.  Many robots either share the same head, same arms, or body, etc.  As cheap as this robot is, it hasn't borrowed from another previously manufactured robot like so many of the others have.  Kudos to the design team.

Update:  oops!  As I was reading the above statement that I had just written, my wife distracted me by walking into the room.  Just then, I turned my head only to find another robot on my shelf with the same body!  Please disregard anything said about originality, except for the head portion.  Kudos have been revoked : ) I still like him!