Robot Artists
The Art of Bruce Gray: Robot made from a crashed BMW!  Bruce is an artist and sculptor in Los Angeles.  His work is mentioned in many publications as well as television and in the movies.
The Art of Lynnda Rakos-
Lynnda is also a robot collector, and has had her art featured on MTV's Real World!
The Art of Terry Collier-
Terry makes his Robot Art from junk.  Check this out, he is very talented!
WHiRR: girl loves robot-
Make 2006 the year of the robot!
The Robots of Lance Greathouse: Racegreathouselabs. Wild stuff!
I Want Your Bot  Mirbot contacted me about this.  Fun!
No Escaping It - Artworx by Sammy Moir
The Art of David Rose- David paints retro robots along with other retro/kitsch pop icons and toys!
The Art Of Karl Egenberger
The Robot Art of Mike Slobot- "m.heisler" Slobot is an artist and a storyteller
Caroline's Robots- Caroline Le Breton is a french artist. She has always been interested in collecting and creating robots.  Please take a look at her unique robot art!
Lawrence Northey's Robot Art Page- Lawrence is very talented sculptor.  Check out a sample of his work HERE.
Lisa Grothman Ryan website
John Rigg's Robot Hut
The Ceramics and Metal Sculptures of Clayton G. Bailey
The Art of Jean-Francois L.
The Creations of Andy Shaw
Paul Guinan's Official Boilerplate Site, Paul is an outstanding artist
Would You Believe In a Robot Artist?
Nemomatic, The kinetic robot sculptures of Nemo Gould
Zoho Poseable Human Artforms
Peintures et sculptures  robots OLIVIER DECATOIRE