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Robot YM-3 (Lost In Space B9)
Year or Era:
4.5" high (114 mm)

Special Comments:
I picked this robot up at a science fiction convention in 1985 or 1986?  Although he is dated 1985, you can still find him for sale today.  At the time this toy was made, Masudaya was  calling him YM-3.  The Lost In Space series simply called him "Robot".  Now he is also referred to as "B-9".

About the background in the picture above:
I recently paid my parents a visit at home and rediscovered my Astrolite set that was made in 1969 by Hasbro.  I had the coolest neighbors while growing up in the 70's.  A particular neighbor behind my house and across the alley would throw everything away.  We would go alley hunting (that's what we called it), and would find all sorts of stuff.  This Astrolite set was one of the things I found in a large community black plastic garbage bin!  Another discovery that comes to mind is when my brother Steve and I found two acoustic guitars at the same time!  I can't believe they didn't give the things to charity- maybe we were the charity?

The Hasbro Astrolite is a platform that was a black table with holes for various transparent plastic parts to insert and build.  It has a light bulb inside the base along with a color wheel that can be turned to change the colors that are emitted upward into your creation.  In this case my robot background.  It is so neat!

Jackie's Architectural Pages: Astrolite- Until now, I thought I had the only mentioning of the Astrolite.  I'm glad to see I'm not alone!
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