Robot B9 from Lost In Space

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I don't imagine there will be anyone visiting this page that doesn't know this character, unless he was before their time.  He was simply called "Robot" in the 60's television series "Lost In Space".  In the 80's, a model was made of him by Masudaya.  The box said "YM3".  For a decade I thought he was YM3.  Now I'm told he is "B9".  I give up!  I think I'll just stick with Robot.  This robot was every boy's pal in the 60's, sort of an intelligent metal version of the dog "Lassie", another popular show of the time (but not with me!).  Actually, I take that back, Lassie couldn't hold a meaningful conversation.  Who hasn't heard someone imitating him by saying "Danger Will Robinson"?  He has still got to be one of my all-time favorite television robots.  I keep saying that don't I?
Here, standing next to Matt LeBlanc, from the television show Friends, Robot has taken an evolutionary turn in the 1998 Lost In Space Movie, the remake of the old classic show.  The movie was quite different, but maintained important aspects of the 60's television program.  I really enjoyed it.

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