Batteries Not Included

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This 'feel good' movie came out in 1987.  I remenber it well.  I was fascinated by the saucer-like robots.  I'm a huge fan of Steven Spielberg.  As it turns out, he grew up very close to me, sharing similar memories of the local Phoenix  kid's show Wallace and Ladmo I've heard, but a few years ahead of me!

A Rumor has it, 'Batteries Not Included' was made from the left-over budget of the movie Gremlins, another Steven Spielberg film, although I cannot confirm this.

An apartment complex needs to be demolished, and the tenants are reluctant to leave.  The developers hire a gang of thugs to intimidate them to move.  Miraculously, a strange and mysterious group of mechanical life-forms come at the right time.  The "fix its" (because they fix things), befriend the people in the apartment complex and use their talents to defeat the developers.  Thes little robots are very charming, and kind of look like little flying saucers instead of robots.  Very creative.

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