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Being the rebel that I am, I enjoy the more obscure robots in film more than most.  This is Box from the 1976 movie 'Logan's Run'.  I always thought his name was 'Bogs', but while researching for this page I found I was wrong.  Rather than going into the detail of the story line, I think it is best to view the links below.  They can do a far better job than my little paragraph here.

In an extreme nut shell, in the future, humanity lives inside great communal domes.  There are no people over the age of thirty.  Once a person reaches 30, they are renewed (reverted to being a baby) through a public ceremony called Carousel.  They then supposedly start life over again.  There are public figures hired to terminate runners called sandmen.  A runner is someone that believes renewal is a lie, and basically runs to escape death.  Logan is a sandman that becomes a runner.  The characters Logan and a woman named Jessica encounter a plethora of obstacles trying to escape the dome to reach a mythological place called sanctuary.

'Box' is one of the obstacles they encounter.  He lives alone in an ice cavern.  His job was to freeze animals to provide food for the dome.  He is quoted as saying "Fish, and plankton, and sea greens, and protein from the sea. It's all here. Ready! Fresh as harvest day!"  See the above linked mp3.  He is surrounded by things like a frozen walrus, birds, etc.  He said the food stopped coming and they started.  "They" referring to a section of the cavern filled with "runners" that didn't make it through Box.  I love this film!

Box was played by the accomplished actor Roscoe Lee Browne.

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