Cyborg, Half Man-Half Machine
made in the Crown Colony Hong Kong for Denys Fisher Toys, Strawberry Fayre Division
Year or Era:
8" high

Special Comments:
This figure came from a British comic book in the 70's (see update below).  The box says "Earth reeled defenseless as galaxies crumbled before the hideous Mutonic onslaught, when with a last stroke of desperate genius, men built Cyborg."  Mutons are their enemy, that's the story line anyway.  He comes with a couple of "Cybo-Nators" which are Muton destruction equipment.  He is shown here with the "Cybo Liquidator" (squirts water).  The weapons merely snap in place of limbs.

When I was a kid, cereal prizes came in four colors.  It seemed like I always got yellow, my least favorite.  Cyborg came in several colors that I know of.  Well, here again I have yellow!

I received a couple e-mails from James Davies from the U.K.  James pointed out that the Cyborg figure did not in fact come from a British comic at all.  I think I'll let you read a couple of excerpts from his letters:

Letter 1:

"Just a couple of points about the UK cyborg doll.  There was no comic book linked to the Cyborg dolls, the only comic book references are on the back of the boxes.

The Cyborg doll only came in one one colour - Clear/gold (or yellow).  There was a Muton doll which was purple (more organic than robotic) and the android which was a smokey black colour.  The toy range was a scaled down version of the Henshin Cyborg toys made in Japan by Takara."

Letter 2:

"No problem using the info.  You've got yourself a real gem there, the Japanese have gone mad for them because they are a contrast to their 12 inch figures so prices have gone through the the roof.  There is a site on the web which is trying to sell the boxed dolls for 300 UK pounds which is nearly 500 US dollars.  I'm not sure if he's sold any but that's how much he's asking.  They are getting quite rare now, I was trying to find some earlier in the year and was told by one toy dealer
that they were getting like gold dust.

Why am I telling you this I should be saying that they are next to worthless ? :o)

My advice is to keep hold of him.



We appreciate the information you have shared with us.  Thanks James!

Henshin Cyborg