Destroyer Droid Room Alarm
Tiger Electronics, licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd.
Year or Era:
battery powered light sensor, sound and release trigger
9.5" high

Special Comments:
This is my favorite robot from Episode I, Phantom Menace of the Star Wars film saga.  The thing that impressed me most was the way these robots sort of rolled until they reached their destination, and then unfolded wielding deadly weapons.  I'm sure the artists and designers of this droid had a blast creating this guy!

Anyway, this is the Destroyer Droid Room Alarm.  The way this works is you fold its arms in an inward position and fold its back down until it clicks into place.  A child, or an adult like child as myself, may leave this robot in the room to guard it against intruders.  When an unsavory character stumbles across its heat sensor on the front of its base, it immediately unfolds with a light that shines on the robotic beast, and it blares one of three preselected laser sounds.  Bet the intruder never try's that again!

I thought I would like trying something different, so I went for the "grassy knoll" effect!