This film was brought to my attention by a fellow robot fan.  I had never heard of the film, so I asked him if he could review it for me.  Someone that has viewed the film could do a better job than someone that hasn't (me!).  Below is a review written by Chris Notte:
Evolver was originally billed as a "Sci-Fi Channel original movie," but this was the edited for cable version.  The uncut version includes some minor profanity and brief nudity, but on the whole is a fairly well-done film.  It's standard sci-fi B-movie fare, released in 1995, about a teenager (Ethan Embry) who wins a virtual reality video game competition by beating the virtual "evolver" robot.  He arrives home one day to find a real-life version of that very same robot being delivered to his door, complete with all the trimmings of a home "lazer-tag-like" game system.  His reluctant mother agrees to let him keep the robot, and that's where all the trouble begins.  As its name implies, the robot begins to evolve greater and greater intelligence, eventually learning to use deadly force to be victorious and "win the game."  Acting credits in the film include Fargo's William H. Macy who provides the voice of Evolver, as well as John de Lancie ("Q" from Star Trek), the moniacal creator of Evolver who we find out used deadly military technology to develop the robot's intelligence.  As you probably guessed, all of these ingredients can mean only one thing: disaster.  Overall, Evolver is an enjoyable film, if one is willing to suspend his disbelief a little beyond the norm.  The acting is good and the robot is impressive, with realistic and plausible mechanics, except of course for its intelligence chip.  I left the movie saying "Where can I get one?".  Too bad they don't sell them on ebay!
I would like to give thanks to Chris for his great contribution to my page!

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Internet Movie Database- Evolver- the critic was obviously not a hardcore robot fan like myself or Chris!