The Creations of Andy Shaw

This is a picture that Andy sent to me.  I wasn't sure if he used Photoshop to superimpose small robots on a large beach picture or not.  Andy e-mailed me back with the description below:
"Hi Jeff, yes they're life sized around 5 foot 3 inches tall. They do cause a scene when they're out and about, especially when they see one, move and speak.  They are called Numan. They stand waiting for some one to enter their vision silent apart from a feint hum as the gyro's in the dome turn and the led's in the "ears" flash alternately.  When someone is spotted the gyro's stop, the head begins to turn and a booming voice accompanied by flashing voice tube addresses whoever is there. The head continues to turn intermittently left and right until they no longer see anyone. Then the head stops and the gyro's recommence rotation as they wait for the next unsuspecting passer by.  The head, and waist both swivel. The arms are telescopic and are mounted in ball joints making them poseable."

It's A Dalek!

"My own two Daleks are constructed from sheet steel and aluminum. They're taller than the originals, at 5 foot 7 inches. They are fully motorized, including arm/ gun (which shoots high pressure water), head and eye stick.  They watch for unsuspecting passers by and greet 'em by shouting, turning the head and flashing the lights.  They are both ready to be interfaced to a controlling computer, one in each. Once these are installed they will be housed in my garage which has a sliding electric door and a special ramp.  When one of the house security lights detects movement, that light will signal the Daleks.  The garage door will open and the Daleks will emerge and head straight towards the offender, shouting, flashing the lights and spraying water at 'em."

This picture is from a November convention in England. One of Andy's productions a long side with another Dr. Who adversary, a Cyberman!

Thanks Andy!

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