The robot helpers.  You are the carbon-based human on the far left.

The board set-up using the level cards on the right.

The playing board becomes a nice storage case.  Nice design!
Front of the box.

Back of the box.
Lunar Lockout
Think Fun (formerly Binary Arts)
Year or Era:
Current, but grab it while you still can!
plastic, cards
You and your puzzle-solving brain!
the game board is about 4.75" ( 121mm ) by 4.75" ( 121mm ), by 1.5" ( 38mm ) tall
the robots are approximately 1" ( 25.4mm ) tall

Special Comments:

You can see why I had to have this game when I first saw it a few years ago.  It was one of the few games that had to do with a 'robot' theme.  Not only is the game fun to look at, it is very addictive too!  If you like puzzle solving and enjoy robots, then this is a must have!  I liked it so much that I bought a few of them as gifts for friends.

The print from the back of the box is below:


You're locked out of the Mothership-the computers have taken command! The oxygen in your Spacepod is running out... thank the stars for those loyal Helper-Bots! They'll help maneuver your Pod to the ship's Emergency Entry Port so you can shut down those rebellious computers.
40 Challenges test your docking skills under pressure... so suit up and see if you have the right stuff!"

Puzzles.Com:  Get one!  You can still get one here in their "Gift Shop". Go to the "Quick Search" and look for Lunar Lockout.  There may be other stores that sell them as well, but I get the impression it may be discontinued?  If so, there is always Google or Ebay.

Disclaimer: This page is not endorsed by Think Fun (Binary Arts).  It is a fan page intended to bring attention  and business to both a great game and company.