Roton of the final Metal Man series
Year or Era:
Late 1970's
3.5" high

Special Comments:
When I was in grade school, Micronauts ruled the earth.  I wish I had my micronauts to show you, but they didn't make it like most of my toys of early childhood.  This may be a representative of a series of miconaut-like figures from a rival company that I remember being called "Metal Men", if I am correct.  I can still see in my head, a blue bubble-wrapped figure on the racks of the toy section of my neighborhood Smitty's store.  It was indeed a blue metal man, and it had all the quality of a Matchbox car, unlike plastic micronauts (which were still high quality as far as plastic goes).  This figure may be a remnant of a series of toys long ago forgotten.  Am I the only one that remembers these?

I was right!  It is a Metal Man. Good memory! Check out these links for additional information:

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