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Micro Scout
Lego Mindstorms: Droid Developer Kit
Year or Era:
CPU driven motor
varying height, but approximately 8" tall
Special Comments:
This is one of the lower end Lego Mindstorms kits.  Instead of having a fully programmable onboard computer, it has a smaller preprogrammed brain known as the Micro Scout Module.  It has several programs that includes a light sensor for a flashlight chasing game, etc.

As always, I am impressed with the quality of all Lego products, but then again, Lego's aren't the cheapest toy around.  With Mindstorms however, Lego's cross from an overpriced toy, to an actual learning mechanism potentially worthy of those used in a college class.

As with all Lego kits, you may use your imagination to build anything your mind can create, or you may use the beautifully illustrated manual and CD companion for you computer to help you build one of the several predesigned robots.  I am showing two example here.

I had the fortune of finding this kit new for $30 at the time when it retailed for about $90.  Since then it has come down substantially.  My suggestion is to look around, or splurge for one of the full blown Mindstorms kits.

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