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Lighted button detail.

Tiger Electronics
Year or Era:
plastic, wires, motor, sensors and computer chip.
motor and CPU
10" tall ( 394 mm )

Special Comments:
This is a fun robot I had to have (a few actually).  It has a voice that is very young which surprized me.  It may even be a female voice.  It was made to interact with other Ottobots as well as the "Chi" line of other Tiger toys.  You really need to sit down with him and learn everything to gain full appreciation.  Otherwise he may appear to be a younger kid toy because of his young voice.  You can his answer questions with his hand buttons and light buttons on the top of his head.  His neck isn't made to move, and his arms have limited movement, but there is a lot to this guy and he is very well designed as far as interaction is concerned.  He has sensors that keep him from walking off a table even!

The box says:
Your witty interactive robotic friend!

Sings, tells jokes, knows trivia!

Fully animated- walks and turns left and right, and avoids obstacles
Reacts to light, sound and touch; the more you interact, the more he develops!

Have fun listening to a vocabulary of more than 200 words and 1000 phrases!

Plays 10 games and activities!

Ottobot: A Life All His Own