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Year or Era:
plastic, electronics
CPU, motors, speakers, etc.
14" ( 355.6mm ) high

Special Comments:

This robot was so unusual I had to have it.  This is a toy that is based is based on a real robot that is much more sophisticated.  This version of Pino reminds me of Furby in the way Pino goes through stages of development.

Age 1 - Pino displays basic emotions, sings songs and talks with other Pinos.
Age 2 - Pino displays a full range of emotions, walks, plays games (dancing Pino, Pino room guard, DJ pino, Program Pino, Pino's guessing games) and responds to sound, light and infra red.
Age 3 - Pino now has a fully developed personality (either Friendly, Shy or Naughty).

Box documentation:

"Pino lost his memory after his spaceship crashed to earth.  Now he's alone and needs your care and attention.  Look after Pino and be rewarded with fun and friendship as his personality grows."

Firebox: A very nice Pino site:  This site has movie clips and sells Pino as well...
Open Pino Platform:  More on the REAL Pino that this toy was based on.