Andy the Android form Buck Henry's Quark, 1978

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Click images below for larger picture.  These are images of Andy, as well as the show Quark.

I was very young when Quark aired on television.  I think I was about thirteen years old.  It was the year after Star Wars premiered.  Andy the Android was only one of the crew on a garbage truck spaceship.  Who can forget Andy's square plexiglass head?  Quark was silly, and full of other colorful characters such as Otto Palindrome, Adam Quark (the captain played by Richard Benjamin), Ficus (a man that is really a plant), Betty I and Betty II (one is a clone of the other), and several others.

Quark was created by Buck Henry, the creator of Get Smart,
 and much more.  I wanted to give remembrance to this classic show, and Andy the android mainly.   For more in depth information, be sure to click the links below, and please do!  


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