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R2D2 Cooler,
and a R2D2 'Crazy Straw'
Kooler Kraft under license of Lucasfilm LTD.
Crazy Straw

LFL Applause
Year or Era:
The cooler is older, but the straw is only a few years old...
plastic, and even more plastic...
You are the motion when you carry it to your ballgame or picnic.
Crazy Straw
Mouth powered! 

approximately 26" tall ( 660.4 mm ) with the handle down.
Crazy Straw
the straw is 11",
but R2 is only 1.5" tall ( 38.1 mm )

Special Comments:
I thought it would be fun to show my largest R2D2 in contrast to one of my smallest R2D2's.  The Cooler was a promotional item that came in a plain cardboard box.  It is VERY well made.  I wouldn't want to take it on a hike.  It's heavy enough empty!  The picture doesn't show the handle which is folded down.  I wanted to give an idea of scale next to my door and an electrical outlet.  It probably appears that I have neglected the Star Wars robots, but in all actuality, I have quite a few.  They probably deserve their own section.

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