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The History of Automata -return to top-
The beginnings of robotics started with clock and music box makers incorporation of their craft in toy dolls of mind-blowing intricacy between the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.  The Jaquet-Droz Writer,  for example, would actually write.  The Vaucanson's Duck would preen it's feathers and simulate eating.  For more fascinating details, please check the links below.

Maillardet's Automaton--Franklin Institute Science Museum
The Jaquet-Droz Automatons' Inards
Jessica Riskin: Historian of Science Looks at Automata and the Quest for 'Artificial Life'
Adelmous Fey Home Page, the mechanical doll- Influenced by Historical Automates

General Robotics -return to top-
ActivMedia Robotics
Android World - Anthropomorphic Robots & Animatronics
Animated Objects Inc.
Animatronics Page
The Ants: A Community of Microrobots
ASPCR- American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Robots
Athena Mission To Mars
Australian Centre for Field Robotics
Autonomous Search of Antarctic Meteorites
Biped Robot (V-3)
Boilerplate:  Mechanical Marvel of the 19th Century, & Prototype Soldier!
Boadicea, A Small Pneumatic Walking Robot
CareBot PCR 1.1- Helps you care for your family, home, and business!
Case Western Reserve University: Robot III
CNN- Floating 'Droids' to Roam Space Corridors of the Future
CNN- Meat-Eating Robot Has (G)astronomic Potential
The Cog Shop
Continual Robot Learning Project
Cool Robot Of The Week
EXPO21XX - AUTOMATION 21XX - HALL 05 : Universities and Research
EyeBot - Online Documentation- These are neat!
Garry's Robot Projects
Hanson Robotics
Heathkit Virtual Museum
Home Is Where the Robot is- Strange
The Honda Humanoid Robot
The juggling robot
Kismet: A Robot for Social Interactions with Humans
Lee's Robo Gallery
Lunar Rover Initiative
The MAD ROBOT Moving Target System
Making Robots Conscious of their Mental States
Manchester Robotics: Research Overview
Mars Polar Lander
The Mechanical Insect, "Entomopter" Project (worth the loading time!)
Micromechanical Flying Insect (MFI) Project
Mobile Ball-Shaped Robot
Multipurpose Security and Surveillance Mission Platform (MSSMP)
NASA's AERCam Sprint- Neat!
Natural Communication with Mobile Robots
Neil's Robots
NEPTUNE: Above ground Storage Tank Inspection Robot
Nova: Bomb Squad
The Nursing Robot
PAKY Robotic Surgical Device
Probotics.com- Need help selecting a robot that will make your life easier?
Robot Fish to Resurrect Fossils, Sci/Tech
Robot Maxamilian
Robots and Stuff
Robot Vision Group
Robot Lawnmower- Friendly Robotics Homepage
Robotic Lawnmower- Palomar Robotics Southern California's First Official Friendly Robotics Robomow Dealer Fully Authorized in Sales and Service

Robotic Lawn Mower- Robomower and ★Lawnbott★ Robot Lawn Mowers
Robotic Control & Automation
The Robots at LAMI
Robots at Taygeta Scientific Inc.
Robots Wanted Dead or Alive
RobotWorx, Inc low cost robotic systems new and used buy and sell 

Robotics - Building the Ultimate Computer

Sarcos: High Performance Robots  ( this is really neat! )
Spot- a seeing robot
ST Robotics Low Cost Industrial Arms
Stanford Robotics Laboratory
SubjuGator, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
A Submersible Robot Vehicle
Surfing the Net with Kids: Robots
Swiss scientists warn of robot Armageddon- This is Funny!
The TinMan Supplementary Wheelchair Controller
Tracking and Grasping Moving Objects
URBIE - urban robot project - JPL Machine Vision Group
The Yoda Project- AI

Robot Wars, Battlebots\ Competitions, etc. -return to top-


Click to Enter

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Compete Online!

BatteryMart.com- Batteries for robots at reasonable prices

Arizona Battery- for your low price needs

The BioHazard Page
C2 Robots - Carlberg Creations
PARex Bot Bash!  ( these guys are in Phoenix where I'm from! )
RobotCombat.com Team Hercules- Awesome, because they linked me!
Robot Rumbles, "Robot Builders needed, start building yours today"
Robot Wars Webring
Shadow Robot Wars Team Page (Wedgehog)
Southampton Masters Engineering Group - Botweiler
SUMO robot,Design, construction, and implementation
Survival Research Laboratories (SRL)
Team Delta Engineering
Team Nitros Home Page
Team Saber Competitive Robotics
Team Thud- Project Atlas
The TechnoKats
Thumper, Robot Wars 1997 Autonomous Class Champion
Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot Contest
Unknown AK's Battlebot World!

Lego Mindstorms -return to top-
Lego Mindstorms Homepage
Brick Labs: where the "big kids" go to play!
JP Brown's Serious LEGO - CubeSolver. YOU MUST SEE THIS!
Creating a Spider Robot using LEGO-Mindstorms
Lego Robot Pages
Mobile Robotics Research Group
Lego Mindstorms Internals

Robotics Resources -return to top-
Aerotech Motion Controllers- Dedicated to the Science of Motion
All Electronics - New/Surplus Electro-Mechanical, Electronic Parts & Supplies
All On Robots - types, history, industrial, toys and more!
Arrick Surplus Robotics Supplies
Automatrics- Specializing in new, used, and refurbished robotic parts and repairs
BatteryMart.com- Every Type of Battery Imaginable!  Great Resource!
Buffaload- Palletizing Robots A first in robotic palletizing
Cricket the Robot- cool robot to build!
Find me a Robot

Firgelli Automations- DC Linear Actuators and Remote Control Actuators
GadgetMaster II:  Control all of your gadgets from your PC!
Gill Sensors
GNU Robots- Construct a program for a little robot, watch him explore a world
Hing Lung Motor Mfy- Motors for Toys, Household Appliances etc.  Nice Selection!
Industrial Robot Supply, Inc.
IntelLiDrives Inc. "Linear Motion in its Simplest Form"
Joker Robotics

KC Robotics: New Robots, Used Robots, Industrial Automation, Fanuc Robot Parts
Lab-Volt Armdroid robot 5100
Learn About Robots
Lynxmotion Series of Robot kits
Machine Grid: a very nice resource
Machinist looking to construct robot parts, I have alot to offer at a reasonable cost
Mondo-Tronics Robot Store
Motion Control Book Store & Discussion Groups!
Mr. Robot
Norland Research: Home of the SAM kit
Nuts and Volts Magazine. The Hobbyist Magazine for Electronics and Technology.
OOPic- More than just another Programmable Micro-controller, it's a Programmable Virtual Circuit!
Pi-tronics - Build the Photovore, a light-eating robot!
PPRK: Palm Pilot Robot Kit- way cool!
Robix RCS-6, Build Excitement in Your Classroom, Lab, or Home...
Robohoo! - World's Largest Index of Robotics Resources
Robot Builders.Net
Robot Minds

Robotics Resources
Robot Project Bookmarks
Servo Robot Sensors 
Trend Robotics - Buy Robot Parts, Teach Pendants, Servo Amps, Power Supplies and more!
Weird Science Projects

Telerobotics (the fun stuff!) -return to top-
Minerva- Smithsonian's National Museum of American History Tour Guide Robot
Tele-operate RHINO the Tour Guide Robot in A Museum
Australia's Telerobot On The Web
Interactive Model Railroad
The Telegarden
Telerobotic, Live Internet Camera In The San Francisco Bay
NASA Space Telerobotics Program
Tele-Robotics Links
More Links!
Mercury Project
Java-Based Harmonic Potential Path Planner

Nanomachines-return to top-
Biomolecular Motors and Nanomachines: the 1997 Albany Conference
Engines of Creation
The Mesicopter: A Meso-Scale Flight Vehicle
Molecular Nanotechnology: Giant Amoebas Invade Cities?
Nanosystems: molecular machinery, manufacturing, and computation
Nanotechnology without Genies

Download Robot Movies!-return to top-
Sony SDR Real Video- You MUST See This! (may be a little choppy with a slower connection, try different times of the day if you experience problems)
Spot- a seeing robot

Other Robot Link Sites -return to top-
Dave Cary's robot Links (this is huge!  A great resource site)
Tom Duffey's WWW Links- A little bit of everything, but tons of cool tech links!
Robotic Links
Other interesting links

Engineering Tools -return to top-
Kwik Trig II, Solutions for Right Triangles by John Fracaro  This program does all the trigonometry for you!  Forget cosines and tangents.  Just input your numbers.  It even does bolt circles.  I use this at work all the time.  John has sent me a letter informing me of his updated version.  Click the link above and get your free copy.  Thank you John.
Convert 4.10 by Joshua F. Madison  This is an extremely handy utility that would be useful for engineers, students, or anyone that wishes to convert measurements of distance, weight, electricity, light, power, speed, you get the idea.  It does everything!  This extremely easy to use as well as elegant.  I think you should download it to see for yourself.  You can always delete it!
RJ's Calculator 1.5a  Need a calculator?  This is a scientific calculator for your computer.  Sometimes a real calculator can be misplaced or lost between the couch cushons, just when you needed it the most.  No need to worry now!  See Picture  There is also RJ's Hexedit as well for all of you hexidecimal programmers.

Robots in Film or Entertainment-return to top-

Ping Pong and Table Tennis Robot Training Machine Company : Newgy Industries
Fred Barton's Robby The Robot- Get Your Own Lifesize Robby!
Robot Builders.Net (awesome!)
John Riggs Robot Hut tramadol
Lost in Space Robot scratch built by Douglas P. Vaters
Bob May's Home Page- The actor inside the Lost In Space Robot!
Battlestar Galactica Costume and Prop Museum by Chris Pappas
Actor Robert Llewellyn's Kryten of Red Dwarf Home Page

Miscellaneous (sometimes not related, but neat!) -return to top-

I'm not a member, but I love this stuff!

Tribute to Commodore 64's Repton, Greatest Shoot 'em Up Ever! (Yes, This is my page also!)
Femisapien.org, Wowee's new female robot (creators of Robosapien and others)!
Boogie Bass Hack- make the obnoxious fish say other things like "Pork!"
The Ghost Watcher Webcam Site
The Big and Bizarre Webcam List
John Mann's Wacky Packages Web Page- Remember these?
Grit Truck- What is Grit Truck you ask?
Let's Toast the Robot! Become educated while torturing a robot with heat
The Constructor: Grab and flail this thing around a bit! Then make your own right on the web!
Cat Dynamics - Cat Technology Specialists (Funny!)
Where's George?- track currency travel, cool! (U.S. and Canada only)
The Virtual Museum of Computing (VMoC)
Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery: The Chip Shots Collection
Robo Rally Game!
SETI Screensaver- Help the Search for Extraterrestrial Life From Your Home Computer, For Real!
Videotopia- A Real Video Game History Museum!
Intellivision Game System- Resurrected from the Early 80's!
Coca-Cola Pachinko Game Simulation
Onlive Traveler- Experience Virtual Communities With Real People!
Infiltration: the zine about going places you're not supposed to go
The Contact Consortium- Virtual Communities in Digital Space!
The Magic 8 Ball- Ask It A Question, powered by Lego Mindstorms!
Welcome to Simeon's World of Magic!
Slow Wave Comic Strip ( my dream is in there somewhere )
Coast to Coast with George Noory- Just For Fun!
CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination  ( I was part of Contact 8, although I'm not in the credits!  I was part of the Amiga graphics team )
JibJab- Funny Web Animations!

Okay, time for my friend's pages!

Artists At Heart- We bring the party to you!
OptiBoard- The Premier Online Community for Eyecare Professionals
Bartholomew Graphics
Bartholomew Wastewater Services, Inc.
Craven Angel Photography- Photography in a different light!
www.robertsampler.com: AKA Skrooz Lewis from Dr. Demento
Crosley's Page, my friend Tony's site
Dale Novak's Monty Python Page
Valley Machine Works
ValleyMachine Works Official Page
Fantasy Futons, this is my friend Allen's business
Justin's Home Page

Jeff's Robots