Virtual wall unit shown on the left.
Dust Bin
Roomba advertisement with a cool robot!
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1) Dust bin with filter
2) Vacuum
3) Brush
4) Battery pack
5) Bumper sensor
6) 3rd wheel
7) Drive wheel (2 of them)
8) Dust bunny brush
Roomba Intelligent Floor Vacuum Cleaner
Year or Era:
plastic, electronics, CPU brain
CPU driven motor
13.5" diameter, 3" high

Special Comments:
This is my favorite robot because it's the only robot I own that is a "real" robot that actually does something useful.  The Roomba is more than a simple "bump n' go" machine.  It actually has a programmed brain.  It relies on it's bumper sensor and infrared sensor to detect it's surroundings and change it's plan of attack as needed.  It runs around until the job is completed, and eventually cleans a given space.  In addition, it comes with a "virtual wall" unit that uses an infrared beam to contain it in a given space.  Additional virtual wall units can also be purchased.

The Roomba is more of a sweeper than it is a vacuum.  I find it works best on flat floors and short carpet the best.  It's excellent for preparing a kitchen floor before mopping.  It's best to clean one room at a time, due to the battery.  It can takes about eleven hours to charge the battery, but lasts over an hour on a charge, which is remarkable considering the amount of energy it seems to expend.  A fast charger is available.

It's low profile lets it clean under foot stools, beds, carts, etc.  It has a special little dust bunny brush that spins and cleans hard to reach walls and corners as it travels along them.

It reminds me of a tenacious horseshoe crab or a trilobite!!

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