Saturn Robot
Year or Era:
battery powered motor and lights
13" high

Special Comments:
This robot is a traditional modern television screen robot.  He basically walks while his screen shows an artistic backlit rotating screen of important looking gibberish.  My digital camera has a difficult time picking up the screens on these things, but the image on the right is trying to give you an idea of what he is about.  He has four glorious missiles ready to reek havoc from his forehead.  In the United States, I remember when toys with projectiles were banned.  This was because of the hazards to children's eyes.  I was an older kid about that time, and I remember buying toys that appeared to have once been able to shoot objects, but were re-engineered for my protection (I was a kid you know).  I was sad knowing that other kids around the world were enjoying the experience and full effect of the neutered toy I had.  Then came toys from China.  I was amazed that somehow these things had slipped passed customs and made it to the swap meets.  I am no longer amazed, but I do wonder what happened to that law, and if it was ever a law in the first place.  Hmmm...