Hector from Saturn 3

In my younger years I went to see a movie called "Saturn 3".  I remember my Dad dropping me and a friend off at the theater, and then both of us standing awe struck in the lobby staring at the lifesize movie promos of Hector, the star robot of the film.  He was the sole reason why we wanted to see it.  Saturn 3 starred Farrah Fawcett-Majors (as the filmmaker's box office pull), along with Kirk Douglas and Harvey Keitel.  It was different seeing Kirk in a role like this.  The thing that seems to stand out to everyone that I talk to, is the contrast of a large powerful body with a tiny binocular type head that controlled the metal beast.  Hector's mind did not lay in his tiny head, but in a column of brain matter that was programmed by his imperfect human trainer that killed the original guy that was to be sent with Hector to Saturn where Farrah and Kirk lived.  The problem is that the trainer had an attraction to Farrah's character, and then so did Hector due to his direct input from his trainer "brain to brain" via a computer cable.  This is where the problem is born.  I must also mention Hector was part of the "demigod" series of robots.
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