C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars

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Well, here they are!  The most recognized robots (droids) in the film industry.  Show me a person that doesn't know who C3PO and R2D2 are, and I'll show you my brother Steve...Ummm...well.... maybe not Steve, but someone who has been living in a cave (sorry Steve, just getting even with you for calling me your "sister Jeff" during my long hair days!).

Star Wars is the film that ruined my life : )  I spent years of my youth thinking that I would somehow end up working for Industrial Lights and Magic.  It's funny how our childhood dreams seem to change as we get older.  Star Wars may have, in the long term, resulted in my interest in robots, and as a result, been responsible for this page!  A very special thanks goes to George Lucas for adding so much joy to our lives.

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Troops: A "made for computer" film by Kevin Rubio- This is a "must have" for any Star Wars fanatic. It will take quite a while to download though, so be warned. Note: Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the imperial droid that the jawas have stolen! This is very well done.
Robot Builders.Net- Awesome!
MIT's Great Dome becomes a droid as students pull off Star Wars hack