Ding -A- Ling known as "Twirly"
Topper Toys
Year or Era:
late 1960's to early 1970's
battery powered power pack
4.5" high

Special Comments:
The idea behind the "Ding -A- Ling" robots was that they were powered by a "power pack" that inserted into their backs.  Ding -A- Lings came in a large variety.  When I was in third grade, I had the "Boxer" Ding -A- Ling, and as you can probably tell by lack of a picture of him, he did not survive my childhood.  The power pack had levers that turned and moved levers inside the robot's plastic shell body.  A brainstorm of an idea that would allow someone to buy lots of cheaper Ding -A- Ling robot bodies, and possibly have only one "power pack", which was the more expensive part.  The power pack is shown here with it's lower gear extended (controlled by a lever on the other side) that allows the Ding -A- Ling to travel along the Ding -A- Ling Bridge Set, a play set of plastic tracks.

This Ding -A- Ling is Twirly.  He had a spring loaded flying saucer that would take off after walking a bit.  Now that I think of it, there were many toys back then that had the same sort of flying saucer apparatus, mainly toy saucer guns.  They seemed to be a popular type of toy at the time!

Bottom picture (above):  I use to have a King Ding, but it was destroyed by yours truly years ago.  This is a picture that I have acquired from the web (if it is your's I will give you credit!).  I had to show the largest Ding -A- Ling of them all: "King Ding" because this page would be missing an important piece of the "Ding -A- Ling" history without it.  King Ding was battery powered, and also had an elevator that rose from below up inside his head with the "Brain" Ding -A- Ling.  The "Brain" supposedly controlled the King Ding.  The "Brain" Ding -A- Ling was not motorized like the other Ding -A- Lings, but was the same size if I remember correctly.  This should give you an idea of what a monster in size the King Ding robot was!

Please check out the awesome links below for more about the Ding -A- Lings.  There is a lot more that I can't cover in this brief page!  Can you tell that I love these robots?

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