Cylon Centurian, and featuring Captain Lazer
Year or Era:
static, battery powered lights
12.5" high

Special Comments:
The Cylon (on the left) is one of the toys that came from the 70's television series "Battlestar Galactica".  The body always seemed a little bit small relative to it's head to me.  You're probably wondering why I have the 60's Captain Lazer figure next to him?  Over a decade after Captain Lazer (on the right) came out as part of the "Major Matt Mason" toy line, the same molds that were used to produce Captain Lazer were used to produce the Cylon Centurian figure, as well as the Colonial Warrior (not shown).  I remember as a kid, realizing this, and thinking it was a cheap tactic.  Actually, it was a good idea.  Why pay to have expensive molds produced when you already have what you need buried in your closet?  I still think that Captain Lazer was better made by far.