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Robot Bank
Sharper Image
Year or Era:
2005 to present?
plastic, cpu, light sensor, LCD display
arms move with motor, blinking eyes and voice
9" tall ( 228.6 mm )

Special Comments:
This is a fun bank I bought from Sharper Image. They can also (usually) be found on Ebay being sold by Sharper Image as well.

Every night when I go to bed and turn out the lights, my robot room fills with a flashing blue light and a little voice saying something like "hello," or
"Don't forget to insert coins today!"  The blue light is from his flashing eyes.  He comes alive when he senses change of light, or the insertion of coins.  Blue is my favorite color, and he keeps me company!

The box says:
Just set your target savings amount and Robot Bank encourages you to meet your goal.

Robot Bank also keeps track of your withdrawals.  But watch out- he'll try to stop you!

With the push of a button, Robot Bank announces and displays your current savings balance.

Robot Bank says:
"I'm hungry, please fill me up!"
"Don't forget to insert coins today!"
"Well done, you did it!  You have met your goal. Great job!"

Sharper Image- a fascinating place to shop.  I love this store.